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What is The City Gent Magazine?

The 2018/9 season upon us, and with a new season will come a new web site. The present web site will be there to use in full for now, but some sections may not be fully updated. The exact launch date is, for now, uncertain but.....

What is a certainty, is that following Bradford City is always interesting and never dull, which, for writers of The City Gent is always good as there is always something interesting to comment on.

The City Gent whilst being the voice of Bantam Progressivism is hopeful about the team's prospects in League One for 2018/9 and as always the contents of each and every issue of The City Gent will reflect on what is happening both on and off the pitch at Valley Parade as The City Gent continues to be the oldest surviving football fanzine in the country.

Dave Robinson cartoon which celebrated The City Gent's 25th birthday issue in 2009


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